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The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC)

Introduction to the Partner

The Mission is to promote the African social responsibility agenda in Africa and globally for sustainable development through:

1. Civil society development:

AICC works towards strengthening civil societies’ capacity to engage with business and build a business case for CSR.

  • AICC facilitates conferences and workshops that target civil society organisations and other stakeholders in the countries of operation. This is in recognition of the important role that civil societies can play in the development of society.
  • AICC, and her partner organisation, the Namibian Institute of Democracy, are developing guidelines to assist civil society organisations to engage constructively with business, the government and various stakeholders.

2. Public Private partnerships.

It is AICC’s view that poverty alleviation can only be achieved with the involvement and partnership of the private and public sectors as well as NGOs. Partnerships allow the generation of ideas and the pooling of competencies to facilitate effective action.

  • In the DRC, AICC in partnership with various NGOs, mining companies and the local government, held an inaugural meeting to define the role of all the stakeholders in 2008. This meeting was a first step in defining the CSR agenda in the DRC and outlining the roles and responsibilities of different shareholders in the mining sector.
  • In the Southern African region, the AICC has been actively facilitating platforms where business, civil societies, NGOs, the government and other relevant stakeholders can have dialogue.
  • Sustainable Agribusiness Initiative (SABI), in Malawi is an initiative that aims to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth in the agricultural sector. Here, AICC facilitates and coordinates this business- led, enterprise solution and partnership to promote growth and improve public private cooperation in the agriculture sector. SABI is supporting government in its endeavors to attract investment, develop business and stimulate trade within the agriculture sector in Malawi

3. Advocacy, research and innovative solutions.

Since emerging into a democracy, South Africa has been in the process of redressing some of the social ills promoted under the Apartheid regime. To promote social justice in business, AICC, is the focal point of the Human Rights and Business Project South Africa, which has developed the Human Rights and Business Tool, Masizibeheke. This Tool is a voluntary, self-diagnostic kit that helps companies to improve their practices, policies, and performance with respect to human rights. AICC’s long-term vision is to develop similar country-specific Tools for various African countries.

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The African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC)

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2nd Floor, Nedbank House,
Off Independence Drive, City Centre,
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Tel: +27 11 643 6604

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We have a deep passion for seeing really dynamic effective corporate responsibility all over the world - it's core to our values and central to our business. So being in from the start with CSR360 GPN was an obvious route for KPMG to help spread the energy and the opportunity for transformed communities where business plays its rightful role driving change and supporting the people and the places who are often forgotten and frequently in need of business engagement. Its our privilege to be involved.

Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity

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