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Lead India (Leadership for Environment and Development)

Introduction to the Partner

While the world was preparing for the Earth Summit; LEAD identified the urgent need for a new generation of Global leaders. Since then, we have been recruiting talented individuals from key sectors and professionals all over the world to be part of a growing network now standing at 1900 leaders, who are committed to changing the world

Every one of our leaders is a graduate of LEAD’s International Fellows Training Programme, an intensive and demanding programme designed to enhance leadership ability, strengthen sustainable development knowledge and foster the relationships that will continue to support the Fellows in their life work.LEAD has more than a decade of experience designing, developing and implementing high quality, multi-sectoral training for international audiences.

Each batch of LEAD associates come together to form a Cohort, nationally and internationally. Like the cohorts of the ancient Roman legions, each undergoes an intense training regimen. Successful completion of the associate program culminates in conferment of the LEAD Fellow Certificate and membership to the ever-expanding international LEADnet comprising of professionals holding key positions in government, media, NGO, business and academia, all with a proven record of LEADership.

LEAD specializes in providing training on sustainable development topics and a suite of leadership skills including: team-building, systems thinking, negotiation skills and conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, ethical decision making, among others. These have been derived and drawn from 17 years’ experience in providing training – utilizing cross-cutting learning in multi-sectoral settings and honing skills that induce lateral thinking processes. The training modules are based on selected themes that address current sustainable development challenges using structured discussion panels, facilitated peer learning, field case studies, virtual conferences and self-assigned projects.

The program is designed to challenge associates to inculcate values that will help them contribute to fulfillment of the LEAD mission which is: To create, strengthen and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development – development that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and socially equitable.

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Lead India (Leadership for Environment and Development)

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Core Partners

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66 Hemkunt Colony
Near Nehru Place
New Delhi

Tel: +91-11-26225790

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We have a deep passion for seeing really dynamic effective corporate responsibility all over the world - it's core to our values and central to our business. So being in from the start with CSR360 GPN was an obvious route for KPMG to help spread the energy and the opportunity for transformed communities where business plays its rightful role driving change and supporting the people and the places who are often forgotten and frequently in need of business engagement. Its our privilege to be involved.

Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity

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