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ENDA - Environment and Development Action in the Third World

Introduction to the Partner

ENDA is an international non-profit organisation founded in 1972 and based in Dakar, Senegal. It is an association of autonomous entities co-ordinated by an Executive Secretariat. ENDA has a worldwide representation including teams at the Dakar headquarters each working on development and environment themes; branches in Africa, in South America, Asia and Europe.

ENDA’s essential aim is the fight against poverty and for sustainable development. Emphasis is also on the methods and means of action that are best suited for bringing these aims together – the way things are done is just as important as what actually gets done.

Several of ENDA’s teams are active in corporate social responsibility. These include:

  • LEAD Francophone Africa which is also the representative of LEAD Africa coalition and part of LEAD International. The Mission of LEAD is to create, strengthen, and support networks of people and institutions promoting change towards sustainable development.
  • ENDA Energy, Environment and Development Programme, one of ENDA’s teams, has been extensively involved in climate change, desertification, energy, and CSR among other major areas. Its activities focus mainly on research, action and training in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development in Africa.
  • ENDA Energy’s purpose collaboration with the private sector is to enhance its capacities (individuals, firms, NGOs) in order to provide market services and sustainable development to the poor.

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ENDA - Environment and Development Action in the Third World

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We have a deep passion for seeing really dynamic effective corporate responsibility all over the world - it's core to our values and central to our business. So being in from the start with CSR360 GPN was an obvious route for KPMG to help spread the energy and the opportunity for transformed communities where business plays its rightful role driving change and supporting the people and the places who are often forgotten and frequently in need of business engagement. Its our privilege to be involved.

Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity

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