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CentraRSE-BCSD Guatemala

Introduction to the Partner

Founded in 2003, CentraRSE, -Centro para la Acción de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Guatemala – is a private, autonomous, apolitical organization that is formed by a group of member companies and supported by a staff of ten people dedicated to promoting and supporting companies with Business Social Responsibility practices. CentraRSE is a partner to all companies, from the smallest to the largest and in all economic sectors of Guatemala.

With more than 100 member companies from 20 different productive sectors, representing 30% of the country’s GDP and employing more than 150,000 workers, today CentraRSE has become the most important coalition of companies committed to BSR in Guatemala and the Central America region.

CentraRSE understands and promotes Business Social Responsibility as,

a strategic decision and business practices based on ethical principles and in compliance with the law

Companies begin their journey through BSR improving their internal business practices and gradually expanding and promoting them among all of their stakeholders.

To unify the vision of conducting responsible business in Central America, CentraRSE is currently working with other organizations that promote BSR in the region — El Salvador’s Fundemas, Honduras’ Fundahrse, Nicaragua’s UniRSE and Costa Rica’s AED — known as the Central American BSR Network.

CentraRSE and its companies believe in Guatemala and trust that Sustainable Development can be achieved through an attitude of change in the business culture and through the promotion of successful partnerships and alliances.

Activities are focused on facilitating the process of sharing experiences and promoting a culture of continuous learning among our member companies. This is encouraged by the following actions:

Advocacy and Communication

  • Promotion of BSR and Sustainable Development
  • Public awareness campaigns and programs, including the CentraRSE Awards, given to the best BSR practices in Guatemala and the annual BSR National Summit
  • Alliances, such as strategic international alliances that create greater endorsement and credibility and joint cooperation with local commerce chambers and civil organizations.

Training and knowledge sharing

  • Workshops with local and international experts
  • Specific in-company trainings
  • Open training courses
  • Business forums with company executives to exchange best practices
  • Partnerships with Universities


  • BSR Indicators for Guatemala
  • BSR Indicators for Central America
  • Corporate and Sector Ethics Codes
  • Specialized tools for the implementation of BSR, specific for particular issues and economic sectors


  • Investigation of successful business cases in Guatemala
  • Perception of BSR practices
  • International best practices
  • Country report on BSR and sustainability status

CentraRSE-BCSD Guatemala's logo

CentraRSE-BCSD Guatemala

Partner Type

Core Partners

Contact Details

Diagonal 6, 10 – 65 Zona 10.
Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas
Torre I, Nivel 5, Oficina 502.
Guatemala City

Tel: (502) 22683700

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We have a deep passion for seeing really dynamic effective corporate responsibility all over the world - it's core to our values and central to our business. So being in from the start with CSR360 GPN was an obvious route for KPMG to help spread the energy and the opportunity for transformed communities where business plays its rightful role driving change and supporting the people and the places who are often forgotten and frequently in need of business engagement. Its our privilege to be involved.

Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity

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