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What’s the big idea? A message from Dr Alan Knight

Posted: Tuesday 8 May 12, 9.49am GMT

At today's Mayday Summit we outlined our thoughts around the 'big idea’, framing the sustainable development debate around the question: How do we support business to identify their contribution to help deliver 9 billion sustainable lifestyles by 2050?

Dr Alan Knight, Director of Sustainability, Business in the Community

Dr Alan Knight, Director of Sustainability, Business in the Community

Business in the Community has many great programmes from Start, The Prince’s Mayday Network and Visioning the Future, to Marketplace. Separately they are great projects, but combining them behind one bigger idea, providing a unique focus point, is our emerging ambition. This ‘9 billion challenge’ will provide that big idea.

Sustainability at its most basic is about people and communities and about giving them a great life. Whilst community projects, wellbeing and strong economies are the real delivery of modern and satisfying lives – a strong, healthy, natural environment is key. This is at many levels: from provision of food, water and clean air; to the more subtle but essential pleasant environment to relax in and enjoy. A poor environment means a poor economy and it is logical to assume the opposite is true.

I am convinced that by combining our campaigns, the sum of the projects will far exceed their constituent parts. Today we asked the business leaders at the Mayday Summit to help us shape these ambitions into something credible and with a strong impact, aiming to address the ‘9 billion challenge’ outlined above. Those who weren’t able to be with us at the Summit, visit our website to see the ‘9 billion challenge’ and exciting new approach unveiled.

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