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International Give & Gain 2017 to date

Posted: Thursday 20 July 17, 9.12am GMT

We all know that employee volunteering can be a powerful tool in supporting communities that surround us, and this year Give & Gain, the employee volunteering programme supported by the CSR360 Global Partner Network, has helped to drive some terrific achievements across the globe. In previous years, we focused the efforts of this programme around one day of activities where employees changed their daily work for an exciting opportunity to help improve their communities. Thanks to the CSR360 Global Partner Network, however, businesses support their communities throughout the whole year and as a result in 2017 we are using Give & Gain to showcase all the on-going support provided by businesses through employee volunteering around the year.

This year, 16 CSR360 GPN partners have planned their Give & Gain activities so far. There are still activities due to take place but we are delighted to report that already the CS360 GPN have helped organise 250 community projects across 185 NGOs. These projects involved 5,872 from over 165 businesses donating over 20,200 hours to help local causes. In total, the lives of 33,308 beneficiaries have been touched and CSR360 GPN members have also reported that businesses have benefitted from Give & Gain activities through skills development among employees, increased profile in the community and improved reputation among others.

Here are some of the Give & Gain activities from this year so far:

Dubai Chamber of Commerce (Dubai)
In Dubai, 48 community projects in partnership with 18 community institutions were organised between May 14th and 18th. Employee volunteers spent time with children, the elderly and students to improve their surroundings, learn new skills or even have somebody new to speak with.

Foretica (Spain) has organised Give and Gain in Spain for 7 years. Their activities went from reconditioning a Refugee Accommodation Centre, to a day at a farm with young people at risk of social exclusion, or a football tournament in a local prison.
Give and Gain in Spain goes from strength to strength each year and includes more partnerships among Spanish organisations. This year, Fundacion HazloPosible, a member of the CSR360 Global Partner Network, was Foretica’s strategic partner for Give & Gain shared with us the experience of Javier Ferrols, a volunteer from Grupo Vips.

Fundacion Compromiso (Argentina) supported a total of 1,370 volunteers to give 5,861 hours to local causes related to education, environment and young people, directly benefiting 4,263 people as part of Give & Gain. Some of the activities included school support workshops, agro-ecological garden work, blood donation, food collection and capacity building of social organizations.

Fuping Development Institute (China) organised for 200 volunteers from Citi went into Xingzhi migrant children school and spent time with more than 500 migrant kids and their teachers managing school workshops and improving the school grounds.

Grace (Portugal) invited employees from across their business network and their families to collect marine litter on beaches to raise awareness about the widespread issue of marine litter.

Hestia (Czech Republic) worked with IKEA Česká republika among others to renovate the Centre for free-time activities for children Jahoda. In addition, the CSR360 GPN members also worked with Volkswagen Financial Services on activities focused on children, disability and the protection of the environment.

Corporate Volunteer Association ÖSGD (Turkey) organised activities that included a seminar on financial management for children, workshops on vocational training and career planning, and visits to corporate offices and museums.

Smart Kolektiv (Serbia) worked closely with 11 partners from the local community including schools, elderly homes, associations for children and people with disabilities and even an association for the preservation of Zvezdara Forrest.

National Volunteering Center ÖKA (Hungary) organised for 72 volunteers to help Kőrösi School and its 900 children renovate their garden which is not just used by the students but also teachers and parents alike. The school has an advanced environmental programme, cooperating with many organizations for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Many CSR360 GPN members supported SDL, the global translation firm, to participate in Give & Gain activities in different countries. This has been a brilliant way of using the combined power of the CSR360 GPN to support the CSR initiatives of business and facilitate business resource locally.

Give & Gain culminated in a celebration of the employee volunteering around the world on 28 April where BITC organised a webinar with the CSR360 GPN on Developing Collaborative Cross Sector Partnerships . Representatives from Grace (Portugal), Fundacion Compromiso (Argentina) and SmartKolektiv (Serbia) took part in this online event where we learnt together about best practice in employee volunteering and managing cross sector partnerships from across the globe.

Many more Give & Gain 2017 activities are planned for the next few months so do keep an eye on Twitter, the CSR360 Global Partner Network website and the Give & Gain website to be updated with the latest stories from our international partners.

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