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What is Give & Gain Day?

Posted: Monday 28 July 14, 2.40pm GMT

Give & Gain Day is the UK’s only national day of employee volunteering. Every year since 2008, it has given companies a unique opportunity to bring community action to life in a celebration of the power and potential of employee volunteering across the world.

Give & Gain Day connects skilled professionals with community organisations by matching them with a volunteering project. Business volunteers help with everything from school sports days to employability workshops for the long term unemployed.

UK participants are part of a global movement of thousands of volunteers across approximately 30 countries as diverse as Spain, Iran, Nigeria and Guatemala.

How to participate?

Whether you choose to deliver an employability workshop, help refurbish a youth centre or run a school sports day, we can help find the right match for your organisation.
Register here or contact Ethel Maldonado to take part in Give & Gain Day 2015.

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