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Volunteering Hungary organise their ninth annual Volunteering Awards in Budapest

Posted: Tuesday 9 January 18, 4.39pm GMT

Hungary's Volunteering Awards founded by Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Social Innovation were organised for the 9th time in Budapest. During the evening, awards were given in different categories ranging from the most outstanding volunteer programmes and volunteers of the country across the country.

For organising these Awards and Ceremony Volunteering Hungary was supported by Tesco Global Ltd, Budapest Bank, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary as well as by Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. which sponsor the Community Initiation of the Year prize, HPS Ltd. who helped with the Volunteering Awards website and Bortársaság that supported the prizing ceremony.

The winners were chosen by two professional judges each of them considering competitions for different categories:

Considering competitions for civil organizations, institutions and individuals:

  • Izabella Csordás, founder of volunteer program of Museum of Fine Arts
  • dr. Ildikó Garas, president of Volunteering Hungary’s Board
  • Lilla Koronczay, journalist, Nők Lapja
  • Alíz Scholtzné Hibay, founder and leader, “Teszünk” senior volunteer club
  • László Tóbiás, docent, Széchenyi University
  • Balázs Gerencsér, executive director, NIOK

Considering competitions for corporations:

  • dr. Mária Janka, manager, E.ON Hungary
  • Norbert Fogarasi, executive director, Morgan Stanley Hungary
  • László Hegedűs, operative director, BlackRock Hungary
  • Marianna Cs. Tóth, communication director, Budapest Bank
  • Zsuzsanna R. Tóth, HR director Vodafone Hungary Ltd.

Prize-list by categories in 2017:

  • Corporate Volunteer Programme of the Year 2017
    Ericsson Hungary Ltd.: Ericsson support corporate volunteer programs that come from their employees such as Researchers’ Night Hungary or their own educational programme for the elder and homeless. The business leadership support this initiatives completely because it perfectly matches Ericsson’s overall mission of promoting education and knowledge transfer.
    A short film about the winner.

  • Pro Bono Initiation of the Year 2017
    PwC Hungary: As an economic and financial consulting company PwC profess that to create long-term and sustainable value for those who are directly or indirectly connected to their business is possible by their professional activity, knowledge and the related services. That’s why for many years they have been offering professional help and pro bono services for civil organizations involving more and more colleagues. In March 2017 they started their Civil Mentoring Program where the delegates of the civil sphere can learn about business planning and communication from professionals. They also provide opportunities for development.
    A short film about the winner.

  • Volunteer of the Year 2017
    Tímea Bóta: Tímea helped not only MentaPRO Foundation but she, along with her family, were also an active volunteers in Budapest Bike Maffia’s communal cooking projects. She organized the collection of blankets for the homeless for years “Jótakaró”. She is the author of “Woman in the mirror” a self-help blog, in which she posts a poem with a picture every day on the site. Timea’s online work sharing culture and self-help has nearly 38000 followers.
    A short film about the winner.

  • Volunteer Programme of the Year 2017 for Civil Organizations
    Foundation for Technological Education: The aim of the Foundation’s Skool project started in the summer 2014 and strives to show young girls the basics of computer programming through workshops and technology focused sessions. Ultimately, the project hopes to show young girls the career potential in the computer science sector. Over three years Skools has involved 400 volunteers and supported 1400 school girls. In addition, last year, the foundation began their “KódKlub” Project where volunteer tech mentors inspire underprivileged 6-18 year olds living in children’s home in tech. Through these programmes, The Foundation of Technological Education aims to give the opportunity for all young people to build their knowledge of the technology which could support their future.
    A short film about the winner.

  • Volunteer Programme of the Year 2017 for Institutions
    Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism: the museum’s volunteer programme aims to ensure their volunteers give their time to in three areas: visitor accompanying, helping with events and museum educational occasions and also digitalization. In addition, they encourage their own museologists to invite expertise from volunteers. In the last 10 years, more and more museologists involve volunteers in their daily work, endeavouring to monitor the volunteers’ satisfaction and motivations over the long term.
    A short film about the winner.

  • Community Initiation of the Year 2017 (people’s choice)
    “Térerő” – Community Foundation for our City – The members of this team in Miskolc are against everything that make people negative and passive. They don’t give up the conviction that there are good cases and good people who can be supported local causes from local donations. Donation actions were born from initiations of local people, which now are framed by a new organizational form “communal foundation”, in order to help everyone support local initiations.
    A short film about the winner.

    In this category we prize civil organizations or communities which head their volunteer activities for their own local communities. This is a people’s choice prize for which they could vote on Volunteer Awards’ site www.onkentessegertdij.hu. With the prize “Térerő” Community Foundation also won 150.000 HUF sponsored by Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd.

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