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Voluntare, the first international network on Corporate Volunteering

Posted: Thursday 6 October 11, 9.43am GMT

It was born on 2011, European Year of Volunteering, with the joint effort between business and Third Sector. Its mission is to promote Corporate Volunteering programs through dialogue, development of new dynamic performances, development of a knowledge center and creation of innovative formats among stakeholders.

This network offers all organizations and individuals interested on Corporate Volunteering a source of knowledge about the subject. On its website one can find all the background information through reports, documents, best practices and most relevant news. It also offers users the tools needed to create new content and foster innovation and provides a tool for the creation of working groups to discuss on Corporate Volunteering.

Five NGOs and four companies are Voluntare founders. NGOs: Fundar (Specialist in Corporate Volunteer in Span), Fundación Bip Bip (Technologic partner), Codespa (Specialist in corporate volunteer in developing countries), Fundación Corresponsables (Media partner for Spain) and Forum Empresa (Partner for Latin America).

Companies: KPMG, Fundación Telefónica, Endesa and Unilever, all of them are leaders in sustainability issues and have wide experience in corporate volunteer and they provide their good practices and knowledge in this matter.

In addition to them, Forética, ComunicaRSE, IBM, Cmex, Tempe (Zara Group) and Iberdrola are currently Voluntare partners.

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