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Social Marketplace - matching business and community organisations

Posted: Tuesday 5 April 16, 1.22pm GMT

UPJ has re-launched the website for the Social Marketplace initiative which matches businesses and community organisations that want to work together to address societal needs.

The collaboration of business, civil society and government is becoming increasingly important to solve social challenges and to shape sustainable communities. More than 25,000 collaborations between business and community organisations have been formed in over 100 cities globally.

Social Marketplace is a 2 hour event which connects local businesses and community organisations. The Social Marketplace International website provides useful information, background material and practical guidance for those considering or planning to run a Social Marketplace. The website content is based on insights gained from more than 350 Social Marketplaces in more than 100 cities in Germany so far, and more than 500 Social Marketplaces in the Netherlands over the past 10 years.

The Social Marketplace has been developed in the Netherlands by MOVISIE, KPMG, Fortis Foundation, a number of community organisations and Corporate Citizenship experts. The Bertelsmann Foundation, together with KPMG and RWE, transferred the format to Germany and handed it over to UPJ.

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Olatz Zarraonandia

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