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Tulip Foundation and EngAlGers Bulgaria collaborate on road safety

Posted: Thursday 22 December 16, 12.12pm GMT

The Tulip Foundation in Bulgaria and EngAIGers Bulgaria (the motor riders Club at AIG Bulgaria) launched a campaign to support local volunteer initiatives on road safety. The aim is to raise awareness among young people from small settlements about high speeds, safe driving, safety on the roads, respect and care for others and realization of a local volunteer initiative for the children and the older people in the settlement.

Together the two organizations encouraged people who are passionate about motors but believed in safety, responsibility and respect to others on the road to support their campaign by making a donation. With the funds raised Tulip Foundation and EngAlGers supported voluntary activities of local children and youth. The AIG volunteers visited different places where they met and spoke with the young volunteers who presented their volunteer activities in the community.

In Kustendil, West Bulgaria, the EngAIGers visited a project in the Roma neighborhood and talked with young people and children about safety on the road. They exchanged T-shirts and played games. The children and young people took a lot of pictures on their motors.

A week later the AIG riders visited Voiniagovo and Kliment villages near Karlovo in the Centre of Bulgaria where local young people had organised an event “Driving = Responsibility”. Young motor riders from the municipality participated, along with senior bike-riders and children of all ages. They watched the movie “The moment is never only one” part of the Drive responsibly campaign and discussed its significance to their day. Local awards were given for most skillful motor rider and best maintained motor.

More initiatives will take place in other municipalities over the coming weeks.

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Laura Bengoa

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