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The UN Global Compact UK and Sedex start their joint webinar and events series for 2014

Posted: Wednesday 28 May 14, 7.44am GMT

UNGC-UK and Sedex 2014 event schedule has had a successful start with a webinar supply chain forum exploring how to enable sustainable practices in supply chains, hosted by Reed Elsevier in London, followed by a webinar focusing on the challenging and important issues of human trafficking and forced labour.

The webinar is available here.

Sedex’s partnership to date has explored sustainable supply chain issues and trends in major emerging market regions and brought together expertise and insight from across the world, including NGO’s, Verité, Walk Free Foundation, Maplecroft, Partner Africa, S4Mi and Forum Empresa and companies such as, M&S, Tesco’s, Anglo American and Woolworths SA.

To find more information about their upcoming events click here.

If you missed previous webinars all recordings of previous webinars are available on the Sedex website here.

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