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The Sustainable Development Goals two years later

Posted: Wednesday 18 October 17, 3.53pm GMT

Two years after the approval and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, in Forética we have elaborated a document that analyses the keys of the current state of the SDG from a business perspective.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) need the implication of the private sector, civil society and the academic sector. Without the joint action of all these actors, the transformation required by our world to sustainable development runs the risk of being limited to good intentions.

To avoid this risk and to strengthen collaboration between different entities, the SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals, urges the creation of public-private partnerships to capture funding flows, create synergies and transfer knowledge. In the report presented today by Forética, “The Sustainable Development Objectives two years later: Where we are?” we show how the achievement of these SDGs depends on the achievement of the other objectives.

Download the document (in Spanish) here.

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