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The National Volunteer Centre (ÖKA) organised the Volunteering Award Ceremony

Posted: Tuesday 18 February 14, 11.59am GMT

The ceremony took place 20 November 2013.

As part of the Corporate Volunteering Conference 2013 held on 20th November 2013, The National Volunteer Centre (ÖKA) gave the following awards:

  • The Volunteer Of The Year:

Ms. Zsuzsanna Zombori: volunteer of Volunteer Local Development Community Kosd, who moved to this village with her family in 2005. They were integrated into the community quickly, and Zsuzsa recognised that there are a lot of families living in the village who need social support, but there were only few programmes which could motivate and gather the members of the local community. With her enthusiasm and activity she gathered many local volunteers and organised several programmes.

  • The Volunteer Program of The Year 2013:

Special Olympics League Hungary: Their mission is to provide regular sporting and racing facilities for all disabled people. There are about 250 volunteers helping them. The whole Board works as a volunteer even as the leaders of sport sections, their assistants and the regional executives. There are many volunteers stand in with them helping sportsmen on racings and in other programs, with several students among them.

  • The Corporate Volunteer Programme of The Year 2013:

Hungarian Telekom: The programme of the company called “Mobilsuli” is implemented together with the „Mobkom X”Association. The programme was started 3 years ago while the employees of the company held lectures to children on safety and ethical using of mobile phones. In these days the program extends to the whole country, this year already 160 registered Telekom volunteers talked to 7000 children about this important topic.

  • Budapest Bank Equal Opportunities Award:

Ms. Virág Füredi, volunteer of the Shelter Association Helping Migrants has won this special award founded by the Budapest Bank. Virág works for the Association since May of 2011 and takes part in the education of refugees from conflict regions with unbroken enthusiasm, creativity and energy. She teaches Hungarian and writing-reading for illiterates, and coaches children in different subjects. Her educative work greatly contributes the adults and the children fit in the community more easily and get equal chances to take part in the life of the society.

  • The Community Project of The Year 2013 Public Award:

Árvácskák” Animal-friendly Association, Gyömrő: The Association was established in 1998, the aim of their volunteering programmes is to propagate the responsible animal keeping, animal and environment protection. Their volunteers are responsible for accommodation and caring of animals and they produce the required conditions of that as well. Animals get not only support but they also give mental support to elder and disabled people.

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