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The National CSR Ranking celebrates 10 years evaluating sustainable management in Chile

Posted: Thursday 18 September 14, 8.24am GMT

For the tenth consecutive year, PROhumana summons Chilean and multinational firms operating in the country to participate in the National CSR Ranking, which since 2005 distinguishes the most responsible companies.

The way this is performed, is through a methodology that includes management and evaluation of the three dimensions; economic, social and environmental, which is updated and perfected every year, considering the tendencies in sustainability at a global level.

“The Ranking has witnessed the changes in CSR, its evolution and implementation in the evaluated companies”, says Soledad Teixidó, CEO of PROhumana.

In her analysis, which derives from the information obtained by the Ranking and the participating companies, it stands out that “particularly, in the past four years in Chile, there has been a progress in the understanding that Social Responsibility is the result of different variables that allow the sustainable management of businesses. This means that companies are being managed from a strategic point of view regarding triple bottom line.”

“In the same sense, she continues, there has been an evolution of the way that businesses have internalised the execution of social responsibility policies. This is a step forward, since the companies have accomplished to write down the policies, and along with this, they have increased the level of implementation, i.e. that they have not just been written down, but they are also being followed through. This work does not correspond to the decisions made by the manager that happens to be on duty, but to specific actions that yield results and indicators.”

10 years of methodology, objectivity and differentiation

One of the main objectives of the Ranking is to do a general assessment of the CSR of companies by using two different instruments: an overall evaluation of the business and an employee survey. Both are based on the evaluation of financial, social and environmental performance of the CSR policies.

“We have worked along the lines of objectivity, which is expressed in that everything is evaluated in relation to specific and measurable verifiers”, says Soledad Teixidó.

Throughout its history, 148 companies out of a total of 330 participants have been acknowledged in the National CSR Ranking; and over 900,000 employees have been analyzed, regarding the sustainability policies and practices that the firm implements.

“This is one of the differentiating elements that our Ranking provides – Soledad Teixidó points out – since it is the only one that uses the employee evaluation as a measuring instrument, which by 110 questions measures the level of performance and social responsibility of the company”.

In addition, the employee survey allows establishing a level of knowledge concerning the policy that is implemented and the evaluation regarding the execution of it, which grants objectivity to the whole evaluation.

For more information contact Paula Opazo by mail or at 2236 4390.

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