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The King of Spain receives the Board of Trustees of the SERES Foundation

Posted: Tuesday 1 May 18, 2.22pm GMT

2nd March, at the Palacio de La Zarzuela, King Felipe VI received the Board of Trustees of the Society and Responsible Company Foundation (SERES), headed by its chairman, Francisco Román.

The SERES Foundation is an entity that was established in 2009, to promote the commitment of companies to improving society through responsible actions aligned with company strategy, generating value for all in order to encourage companies to contribute to the improvement of society. At this meeting the Board of Trustees informed His Majesty the King about the entity’s activities, the results it achieved last year and the projects planned for 2018.

Among the objectives of the SERES Foundation is to promote strategic business actions that contribute to the improvement of our social reality. SERES works to transform business reality by building bridges that allow for a more innovative strategy that transforms decision making in the business world and builds a better society. To do this, the Foundation promotes awareness within companies of the importance of their social responsibility as a mechanism so that it can have a positive effect on society, increasing resources devoted to these initiatives and studies on corporate social responsibility both at the national and international level.

Francisco Román, President of the SERES Foundation declared: “The SERES Foundation brings together 140 companies, we represent 70% of the IBEX 35 and 30% of Spain’s GDP. SERES is a common project, of a group which is totally convinced that the social commitment of companies makes society and companies grow. Companies want to move forward, create opportunities for real collaboration in the face of social challenges, to implement new work processes, to improve effectiveness and sustainability in results, but it is not an easy task. SERES was created to inspire and face the challenge of transforming companies when it comes to them assuming their position in relation to social problems. Let’s take a step forward within this cultural change by having on board successful and responsible companies, companies of excellence. The challenges we face are great, all of them gathered up like milestones to overcome and to comply with for the 2030 Agenda. Meeting a lot of these challenges undoubtedly gives companies great opportunities to innovate, to adapt to new circumstances and create competitive advantages, as their activity regarding what they know how to do best contributes to social development. Therefore, it is about transforming these challenges into business opportunities.”

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