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The European CSR Award Scheme Legacy

Posted: Tuesday 12 November 13, 9.23am GMT

The inaugural European CSR Award Scheme 2013 boosted CSR excellence in 30 countries, showcasing the best CSR programmes in Europe and demonstrating innovation, partnership and impact.

The European CSR Award Scheme Ceremony on 25th June which recognised the 63 winners throughout Europe in the presence of Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, saw the successful conclusion of the 2013 European CSR Award Scheme collaboration between the European Commission and the awards consortium led by Business in the Community and CSR Europe and delivered by 30 National Partners.

The European Award Scheme outcomes demonstrated:

  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Partnerships tended to tackle multiple social issues. 71.5% of projects focused on community development and 45% on environment as key sustainability issues.
  • BUSINESS IMPACT: Collaboration enables business to strike a balance between minimising risks through accountability, good governance and transparency while at the same time, maximising opportunities through social innovation, delivering new products and services.
  • INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS: Innovation was found to be key for successful partnerships. The winning partnerships demonstrated the adoption of innovative ideas in the approach to the project, choosing appropriate partners and addressing existing social issues.

All the Award Scheme winners’ case studies can be found in the Golden Book.

View the European CSR Award website for all materials relating to the awards including an Award guide to organise national Awards.

To ensure the long term impact and legacy of the European CSR Award Scheme the National Award Partners are still sharing the outcomes of the Awards organising over 60 CSR events throughout Europe.

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