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The Conference Board Canada release Canada 2030

Posted: Tuesday 1 May 18, 1.56pm GMT

The Conference Board Canada has published their new insights report on key megatrends impacting Canadian corporate success.

As part of their 2017 Business [Un]Usual: Profit from Purpose conference—co-hosted with Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and Volunteer Canada, Conference Board polled approximately 200 participants to identify the disrupting forces affecting corporate sustainability in Canada. This scoping exercise was followed by an extensive review of relevant literature to identify further forces that have the potential to impact corporate sustainability as we look ahead to 2030.

More than 30 forces were identified in total. These were grouped into three overarching categories:
• those affecting people
• those impacting the planet
• those influencing performance

The Conference Board Canada know that ‘examining the forces within this framework makes it more manageable to navigate them’ but that ‘how companies choose to respond to these disrupting forces will dictate their future success.’

Key insights from the report
• Over the next decade, political, social, environmental, and technological transformations will have profound implications for investors and businesses operating in Canada.

• Over 30 disrupting forces affecting corporate sustainability in Canada have been identified; each is explored throughout the report.

• Disruption is the overarching trend, with trend lines pointing to greater and more diverse disruption across all sectors.

• To succeed, corporate leaders will need to think ahead, make bold decisions, and innovate – to improve prospects for themselves, for the communities in which they operate, and for Canada as a whole.

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Lydia Parnell

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