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The Centre for Responsible Business joins the CSR360 Network

Posted: Friday 1 August 14, 1.53pm GMT

The Centre for Responsible Business (CRB), a NGO based in New Delhi, has joined the CSR360 network. This NGO is focused around human rights and environmental sustainability issues in global value & supply chains.

CRB develops capacity building, action research programmes and multi-stakeholder initiatives in the field of CSR and sustainable development. Its purpose is to build capacities of organizations by designing and implementation of self- and co-regulatory social and environmental standards as instruments of responsible business policies and practices.

CRB’s mission is to create and provide high quality, affordable and accessible resources and services to enable businesses to fulfil their responsibilities to all stakeholders.

CRB’s distinctive training methodologies, methods and customized advisory services enable enterprises to adopt environmentally responsible practices and espouse workers’ rights and responsibilities. Thereby, workers, managers and owners all become stakeholders in the growth and success of the organization and industries. CRB, therefore, works as a catalyst for change working closely with organizations to transform their business practices and models.

For further information about the Centre for Responsible Business visit http://c4rb.org/

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