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The Baby Bouy project, a project to reduce the number of drownings in Sweden

Posted: Tuesday 29 July 14, 7.12am GMT

Swedish insurer Trygg-Hansa (part of the RSA Group) and the Swedish non-profit organization for safety at sea and in the water, Svenska Livräddningssällskapet, have developed the Baby Buoy project that encourages parents to teach young children to get used to the water and float on their own.

An important part of the project are floating classes where parents can bring their children to practice floating with personnel trained by Svenska Livräddningssällskapet. The floating classes get babies used to water and teach the child to feel safe, to have fun in the water and helps to reduce the number of drownings. The classes thus far have been fully booked with over 350 participating children. Trygg-Hansa employees have volunteered at the floating events.

“We felt proud to represent our company and have the opportunity to make a difference through preventive work with the most important factor in many of our customers’ lives – their children. Volunteering really is a way to make a difference in a tangible and positive way where you can get immediate positive feedback”, say Tina Åkesson and Marika Jonmar from Trygg-Hansa who volunteered at a Baby Buoy event.

For further information about the project click here.

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