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Sedex launches the next generation sustainable sourcing platform

Posted: Monday 21 December 15, 11.02am GMT

Sedex, has formally launched Sedex Advance, the next generation platform for ethical and sustainable sourcing, designed to meet the changing procurement needs of companies across the world.

Fast, powerful and easy to use, Sedex Advance is a complete sustainable procurement solution, providing industry-leading tools and insights to help buyers, suppliers and auditors implement their responsible sourcing programmes – all integrated into a single platform built using the latest technology.
Sedex Advance has been developed in response to Sedex member companies’ demand for improved supply chain management and reporting tools, to increase their understanding of global supply chain risks and address responsible sourcing issues.

Through risk assessments, supplier linking technology, real-time updates and in-depth reporting, Sedex Advance will help companies initiate, scale-up and manage each step of their sustainable procurement programmes, ultimately helping to drive sustainability performance and raise standards in global supply chains.
Sedex Advance will help companies of any size and supply chain complexity to:

  • Work quickly and effectively, within a fast and powerful supply chain platform.

  • Organise and monitor their responsible sourcing programmes, with an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Protect their business and be proactive, using risk assessment tools to target actions.

  • Track and demonstrate progress, with integrated and enhanced real-time reporting.

  • Support growth internationally, by scaling to meet any size of supply chain.

  • Meet future challenges and opportunities, with continuously evolving and tailored functionality.

For more information on Sedex Advance, click here or download the mini-brochure.

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