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Sedex Global partners with World Bank Institute to develop an Open Supply Chain Platform

Posted: Monday 21 July 14, 8.46am GMT

Sedex Global recently announced a partnership with the World Bank Institute to develop the Open Supply Chain Platform – a new initiative to address global gaps in the availability and visibility of responsible supply chain data.

Millions of SMEs around the world do not have a mechanism to report on/profile their sustainability performance, or are excluded from doing so because of a lack of knowledge, capacity or funds. The Open Supply Chain Platform is designed to help address this. It will bring buyers and suppliers – particularly those SMEs based in developing countries – closer together by providing entry-level information for organisations in relation to sustainability.

For suppliers, the platform will provide a means for them to create an online profile to showcase their sustainability credentials (and to identify areas for improvement) by answering questions which assess their policies and management systems on sustainability issues. For buyers, the platform should provide better visibility of suppliers in the marketplace by region or industry and their maturity on sustainability practices – particularly when buying from SMEs which previously might not have been able to provide this detailed information.

The Open Supply Chain Platform is not intended to replace Sedex, it is designed as an initial step that will both complement and promote the work of Sedex – and others – working on responsible supply chains. It is designed as first step on the journey to help companies understand their sustainability performance and hopefully then work with organisations such as Sedex to take those next more detailed steps whether it be for the due diligence process of a purchasing company or an improvement program of an SME.

More information on this partnership can be found here.

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