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Listen to Sedex & GCLN-UK Corruption webinar recording online

Posted: Monday 29 September 14, 3.22pm GMT

On the 9th September, Sedex and GCLN-UK held a webinar exploring the challenging and pervasive issue of corruption in global supply chains.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that corruption and bribery costs developing countries up to $40 billion (£24.5 billion) each year and is the “thief of economic and social development”.

In this webinar participants heard guidance from experts from Transparency International UK, AIM-PROGRESS, Sedex and Daimler on the context for corruption, it’s pervasive impact and interrelationship with other sustainability pillars and practical steps companies can take to manage, monitor and mitigate corruption issues in the supply chain.

View it online here.

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Usha Manojkanth

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