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Sedex celebrates 10 years of action on responsible sourcing

Posted: Wednesday 28 May 14, 7.30am GMT

Sedex celebrates 10 years of action on responsible sourcing with 2 global conferences and over 700 participants.

Sedex Global provides the world’s largest collaborative platform for managing and sharing ethical supply chain data, which is used by over 36,000 buyer and supplier members worldwide spanning 28 key industry sectors and is represented in more than 150 countries. This represents over 25 million workers worldwide via its members. Many of the world’s largest companies work with Sedex to understand, monitor and manage supply chain risks and to improve standards. Collaborating successfully with a range of stakeholders, Sedex also shares insights and promotes best practice on responsible supply chain issues.

Over the 9th and 10th of April 2014, Sedex celebrated 10 years of action on responsible sourcing with a Global Responsible Sourcing Conference and Global Auditing Conference. Held back-to-back, these conferences brought together experts from corporates, NGOs, trade organisations and sustainability networks to focus on scaling up responsible sourcing and advancing best practice in social auditing. A combined audience of 600+ delegates from over 45 countries actively participated in learning, sharing and celebrating sustainability in supply chains. This was further supplemented by an online audience of over 100 participants.

Hearing from keynote speaker Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman for the United Nations Foundation, we were reminded that businesses in all industries must collaborate to avoid duplicating efforts to increase supply chain sustainability. This rang very true with the work Sedex has done over the last 10 years to provide a scalable platform and also reminded us of the work ahead to continue making supply chain responsibility a mainstream activity.

Sedex also launched a film celebrating 10 years of action on responsible sourcing. This valuable industry resource highlights the good and the bad in the last decade and provides a clear message for those working in supply chains. Take a look at the film below.

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