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Sedex approach is referenced in Walk Free’s new procurement guide

Posted: Thursday 2 October 14, 8.53am GMT

Following the release of Sedex’s Modern Day Slavery briefing in April, Sedex was approached by leading anti-slavery NGO, Walk Free Foundation, to contribute to their procurement guide, Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains.

While many think of slavery as a relic of history, unfortunately this is not the case. Various modern forms of slavery continue to occur. For instance, the United States conducted 1025 investigations into human trafficking in the last fiscal year alone. In 2013, the United Kingdom identified 1746 victims of trafficking through their national referral mechanism and, in the same year, China took action against 5000 alleged human trafficking criminal organisations.

The information in this resource is primarily aimed at procurement, supply chain and sustainability professionals in companies, organisations and governments. It is aimed at those who want concrete guidance on how to reduce or eliminate the risk of modern slavery occurring in their supply chains, either as a direct or indirect result of their procurement practices.

This guide has now launched and is accessible here. The Sedex case study is on Page 21.

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Usha Manojkanth

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