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Sedex and Maplecroft to provide Sedex members with important insights into their supply chains

Posted: Wednesday 8 February 12, 2.14pm GMT

Sedex and Maplecroft to provide Sedex members with important insights into their supply chains through new labour standards reports for the BRICs

Members of the ethical supply chain platform, Sedex, can now benefit from access to a wide range of new supply chain risk intelligence, tools and professional services following a deal to significantly expand the organisation’s partnership with risk analysis company Maplecroft.

The first of these include four new in-depth labour standards reports detailing labour rights risks throughout the BRICs countries of Brazil, China, India and Russia.

With the ever increasing importance of the BRIC countries to the supply chains of multinational corporations, Maplecroft’s labour standards reports provide in-depth analysis of the key labour issues affecting companies operating in, or sourcing from these nations.

These reports are being made available to Sedex purchasing members (i.e. brands, retailers, buying organisations), as part of the ongoing partnership with Maplecroft.

Carmel Giblin, Sedex General Manager, said ‘we are really excited about these further developments to our partnership with Maplecroft. The combination of the Maplecroft intelligence reports and the tools available in the Sedex system will give Sedex members an invaluable insight into their supply chains.’

The reports will help Sedex members analyse and compare the major labour issues affecting countries at both national and provincial levels. They provide insights into key areas such as labour rights and protection, working hours, compensation, contract law, protests, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, forced labour and child labour.

In addition to expert analysis, the reports offer scores and trends from Maplecroft’s risk indices, country overviews, stakeholder viewpoints, detailed labour statistics and a breakdown of labour laws and the ratification of ILO conventions. Important recent events are also catalogued and supported by sub-national maps of reported labour rights violations.

The Sedex-Maplecroft partnership leverages the unique value propositions of each organisation to deliver an unrivalled sustainable sourcing service to both corporate multi-nationals and suppliers.

For more information on how Sedex and Maplecroft can help businesses manage their supply chain risks effectively please contact tom.smith@sedexglobal.com.

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