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Securitas Argentina works together with Reciduca to promote youth employability

Posted: Monday 21 July 14, 7.17am GMT

During the second edition of Give&Gain Day in Argentina, coordinated by Forética, Securitas collaborated with Reciduca in a session where they simulated a job search process.

Securitas Argentina volunteers prepared a talk on developing the necessary skills and capabilities to land a first job and went through the job process interview from the perspective of one company. They also made a round of simulated job interviews and role plays. Finally the participants wrote their first CV with volunteers’ guidance. Then, volunteers and participants shared experiences and best practices.

The activity proposed by Reciduca provided job-training opportunities that enable people -and particularly the young people – to enter the labour market and reach their first employment.

Securitas has established a training institute in Argentina, Instituto Securitas, to provide training for the private security sector and personal development. Securitas Argentina has a long and global commitment with raising labour conditions in the private security marketplace.

In Argentina, where the gap between college and labour market has increased in the last 10 years, it is essential to provide teenagers with the opportunity to understand the rationale of the job market and what companies value when conducting a selection process.

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Usha Manojkanth

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