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Seasonal food discovered at local supermarket by Start employee

Posted: Wednesday 23 May 12, 7.48am GMT

New short film "Michael’s (seasonal) Lunch Box" by Start, HRH The Prince of Wales’ sustainable living charity, reveals that seasonal food is not only better for the environment and cheaper, but is also mind-bogglingly delicious and available at local supermarkets.

Michael Davies

Michael Davies

Start, which is behind (probably) the UK’s largest Big Jubilee Lunch street party (on 3rd June at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich), was keen to make the event one that celebrates one of the best things about Britain – our sensational ‘seasonally grown’ food.

Concerned about the fact that many of us around the UK might not be planning dishes based on seasonally grown ingredients for our own Jubilee celebrations, Start decided to investigate. Early research by Start revealed that many of us just aren’t sure what seasonal food is or why we should buy it and eat it.

To highlight the issue, Start sent team member, and G-list celebrity Michael Davies on a journey of discovery to unearth just what is meant by seasonal food, and why we should be buying, cooking and eating it.

The ‘deliciousness factor’ was identified by keen eater Michael as far and away the strongest reason to go seasonal. With taste being of great importance to people who eat, Michael and the Start team were delighted to discover such a compelling reason for why we should all take the plunge.

The ‘environment factor’ was quite hard to ignore, after Michael spoke with key experts in the field who pointed out that food grown and consumed in the right place at the right time used less energy from field to fork.

Finally, the ‘cost factor’ of buying fruit, veg, meat or fish during it’s particular growing season in the UK was also found by Michael to be one the major selling points for eating seasonably. Michael points out that “all that old nonsense about seasonally produced food costing more is total rhubarb!”

Michael’s Seasonal Lunch Box also stars sustainable food guru Jamie Grainger-Smith, founder of Think Eat Drink, and community gardener extraordinaire Makaela Gilchrist, founder of The Edible Bus Stop.

Start is the consumer-facing phase in The Prince’s Mayday Network, convened by BITC, which was created in 2007 as a result of HRH’s call to action to business to take action on climate change.

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