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Scope: An Initiative of ABCN

Posted: Friday 27 July 12, 11.58am GMT

ABCN have launched Scope, their newest addition to the current suite of 10 programmes they offer to their member companies and partner schools. Scope addresses critical workforce skill development through a business simulation, with corporate mentors working in teams with Year 11 students (16 year olds) throughout the four sessions during the four month programme.

The Challenge

Work in the 21st century has moved away from production based jobs. The ABS website reports that:

‘Over the past few decades the Australian labour force has changed substantially. The shift in labour demand arising from new technology, microeconomic and internationalisation of product markets have all contributed to this change. Another factor affecting the demand for labour has been the adoption of new management strategies that emphasise work force flexibility … computerisation, mechanisation and automation have been incorporated into the work place with the common result of reducing the need for labour and creating new types of jobs.’

The result has been a significant shift in the types of skills that employers expect from their employees. These skills are discussed as ‘Skills for the 21st Century’ and among them are:

  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • collaboration
  • adaptability
  • initiative and entrepreneurialism
  • effective oral and written communication
  • accessing and analysing information
  • provision of solutions
  • learning.

Many students from high-needs schools do not necessarily have the networks that can provide them with a meaningful experience of the workplace and engage them in 21st century skills. The Scope programme seeks to address this need by providing students from high-needs schools the opportunity to complete a realistic piece of work in a realistic business environment with input from experienced professionals.

The Results

100% of students improved their teamwork skills
100% of students increased their confidence
86% of students improved their project management skills.

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