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Samsung in collaboration with Partners in Change announces Guidelines for Apprenticeship Training

Posted: Thursday 22 December 16, 10.00am GMT

Partners in Change has collaborated with Samsung in the publication of a new set of guidelines for apprenticeship training at Samsung India facilities, taking forward its efforts to strengthen and uphold its law observance policy in the country.

The guidelines aim to provide general guidance for operating apprenticeship training within an organization and for the development of apprenticeship standards. These guidelines will ensure transparency as well as compliance in the process of engaging apprentices.

You can download the guidelines for apprenticeship training here.

The guidelines have been designed to meet the requirements for apprenticeship standards and for engagement of apprentices of Samsung India as well as its suppliers and Research & Development centres in Noida, Delhi and Bangalore,.

Reaffirming Samsung’s commitment to legal compliance within its business ecosystem, the guidelines specify various acts and rules that must be complied within the recruitment process, apprenticeship training, training hours, leaves, etc. which ensure that the apprentice’s rights are protected.

“Samsung’s guidelines for apprenticeship training are in line with those that have been set by the Government of India. The guidelines provide a framework for responsibly managed apprenticeships that promote social equality and non-discrimination irrespective of one’s gender, caste, tribe, religion, sexual orientation and other markers of difference. The guidelines also contribute to the furtherance of the government’s “Skill India” programme,” said Udaiy Khanna, Vice President – Human Resources, Samsung India.

The training programme, which includes practical experience and related theoretical instructions, accelerates the development of a skilled and versatile workforce. Facilitating the setting up of apprenticeships in India, it also contributes to the promotion of the Government of India’s “Skill India” programme.

Samsung has been utilizing apprentices for the purpose of apprenticeship training in India and treats them fairly, with respect and dignity.

“A distinctive feature of the guidelines is that they extend not just to Samsung in India but also to their suppliers. There are also some progressive human rights elements, such as reference to non-discrimination during the process of engagement of apprentices and an insistence on the principle of consent, together with enabling mechanisms for grievance redressal. This is important and in line with the Constitutional values of India and our National Voluntary Guidelines on the responsibilities of business,” said Pradeep Narayanan, Director, Partners in Change.

Samsung is committed to making continual efforts to ensure we are doing our very best to promote compliance with local labour laws and providing a socially responsible working environment. These guidelines are a positive step in that direction.

For further information you can download the guidelines for apprenticeship training here.

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