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S2M Foundation promotes the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Responsible Glocal Finances Forum

Posted: Wednesday 1 October 14, 7.19am GMT

The "Responsible Glocal Finances Forum" will take place on December 11th in Quito during the Week of Responsibility 2.0 which is organised annually by Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ecuador and Great Britain and S2M Foundation.

S2M Foundation will promote a space for analysis and discussion of highest level in topics related to Sustainable and Responsible Development; Productive chains ̶ based on Business in the Community’s model ̶ supported by S2M Certification process in Sustainability, Measurement and Mediation with stakeholders; and Responsible Management of Public Finances that sets off skilled circles of economic growth with equity.

The aim of the “Responsible Glocal Finances Forum” is to create a framework of synergies that includes several actors with a Hexagonal perspective in order to strengthen Glocal vision in Ecuador as an essential element of Sustainable and Responsible Development.

The Week of Responsibility 2.0 also includes: Delivery of S2M Certification, Hexagonal Dialogues, the II Festival of Creative Industry and Sustainable and Responsible Culture with the participation of the National Symphony Orchestra and Choir of blind “VOSU” and the IV Open House of corporate responsibility projects.

Glocal Finance Project UE- Pichincha- S2M Mission

S2M Foundation is developing “Responsible Productive Chains” projects in association with various Local Governments in the name of the Productive Change Strategy Matrix, the reduction of poverty, the generation of added value and the local sustainable development that Ecuador is carrying out.

These projects promote responsible, social investment in order to change the matrix of production and develop a socially responsible model of “Business in the Community”, that would generate confidence among investors and be sustainable from a global-local perspective, with high quality import/export products of specific niches in the foreign market, based on the principles of equity and fair-trade.

Pichincha’s province in Ecuador and the Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado de Pichincha (Pichincha´s local govern) have a long work trajectory with S2M Foundation (Sustainability, Measurement and Mediation) to create process of reforms not only social but also fiscal as well as process of project design. In this schema of mutual trust, both entities signed a cooperation agreement that includes the European Commission, represented by its Delegation in Ecuador, as a strategic partner of alliance and cooperation due to financial support.

In this way, the necessity of working together with the real sector of Pichincha’s province has been set out by mobilizing intentions to generate synergies and by incorporating territorial actors to improve, create and optimize conditions for the identification and exportation of clue and emblematic quality products of Pichincha’s territory.

An important component of this action will be the Glocal Finance Project UE- Pichincha- S2M Mission expects to host in November 2014 (4th to 7th), with a delegation formed of representatives of the productive channels that are part of these projects, as well as the representatives of others sectors ̶ state, market, NGOs, communities, means of communication and global institutions ̶ also linked with these chains.

For further information visit www.s2m.com.ec.

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