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Responsible Leaders of the Future are on Their Way!

Posted: Tuesday 26 July 11, 7.44am GMT

Source: From CSR Turkey and Kadir Has University Lifelong Learning Center

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Summer Academy

The successful students at the first CSR and Sustainability Summer Academy in Istanbul

The successful students at the first CSR and Sustainability Summer Academy in Istanbul

At the present day, it is expected from companies to reduce their negative social and environmental impact while having their operations and to take proactive role in sustainable development. Therefore, may be the most important task of the youth, who are the decision makers of the future, is to be interested with the sustainability challenges in a professional way.

For this purpose, CSR Turkey with collaboration of Kadir Has University Lifelong Learning Center CSR Academy organized the first CSR and Sustainability Summer Academy between 4 and 9 July 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. Twenty university students who are interested in CSR and want to improve themselves in that area received one week training in Kadir Has University Selim Pasa Campus which was supported by the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Program.1

1 CSR and Sustainability Summer Academy has been realized under the Project called TRAINEAST, aiming to transfer and adapt CSR training modules of KÖVET (Hungary) to the Project partners of Formatest (Romania), TIME (Bulgaria) and CSR Turkey (Turkey).

The Summer Academy, which is the first in Turkey, gathered the specialized training instructors in this field while the corporate visits provided practical data for the students to observe how the concepts reflect to real life.

Content of the Summer Academy was formed considering the training modules of KÖVET, one of the pioneer NGOs in Hungary, and dynamics in Turkey.

In addition to the university students, two entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan also attended to the Summer Academy to spread and develop CSR in their country. They took the first step to start a similar programme in Azerbaijan with the support of the experts from Turkey. Two experts from KÖVET also attended to the Summer Academy in Turkey who had the chance to observe another academy organized in a country except Hungary and did the information exchange.

“Corporate Social Responsibility Group” was created on the social media (www.facebook.com/kurumsalsosyalsorumluluk) to spread the Summer Academy Turkey wide, which received very positive feedbacks from the participants and experts. The page will provide a platform for youth to have discussions about CSR and Sustainability related issues while will give detail about the Summer Academy and the plans of the participants in the future.

Summer Academy aims to reach more young university students in coming years with the support of its first graduated volunteer participants. Studies have just been started not just for Istanbul but especially for the youth in various cities of Anatolia

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Jennifer Todd

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