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Read the results of the 6th Corporate Responsibility Index evaluation in Greece

Posted: Thursday 24 July 14, 7.15am GMT

The results of the 6th Corporate Responsibility Index evaluation in Greece were announced during an official ceremony that took place on June 11th at Goulandris Natural History Museum.

During the award ceremony, the Vice-President of the CR Institute’s Board, Nikos Avlonas, stated as well: “If more than 10% of Greek companies were applying CSR practices every year, this would have boosted considerably the Greek economy, environment and society. The total revenue of the companies participating in CR Index accounts for 8% of the GDP. In parallel, a gradual improvement in their performance via the CR Index evaluation is noticed on an annual basis”. Moreover, Nikos Avlonas presented the methodology of the CR Index and its criteria, the annual results of the companies participated in the CR Index 2013 evaluation as well at the CR Index Companies’ ranking since 2008. In continuation to Avlonas’ presentation, Giannis Freris, CR Institute’s Board Member presented the “Responsible Citizenship Forum”: “It is about a new institution that goes beyond the corporate level and seeks to showcase tangible personal and corporate achievements of the employees that work within enterprises or cooperate with them. Our goal is to reward the “individual’s responsibility” being in the service of one or more entities such as a company and the society”.

Fourteen socially and environmentally responsible companies were awarded at the presence of more than 250 top Greek and International representatives from the business community, NGOs and Institutions’ representatives as well as media stakeholders.

During the CR Index evaluation procedure, independent experts reviewed the companies’ performance in Corporate Responsibility, as well as their impact on society, employees, the environment and the market, based on BITC’s international standards and criteria. This year, the companies that traditionally participate in the evaluation process managed to maintain their positions and improve their performance, despite the increased difficulty of BITC’s updated criteria and standards. In 2012, based on BITC’s methodology, the CR Index added the last award category, DIAMOND, targeted to companies that have been awarded with Platinum – Gold. This year, Athenian Brewery S.A. managed to win the title for the first time. In addition, new companies participated this year in the evaluation, PepsiCo – Tasty and WIND, expanding the CR Index family (CR Index 2008 -2013 Companies’ Ranking).

According to the Index, there are five levels of distinction for the performance of an organization: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. In Greece, this year the following companies were awarded:

  • Diamond level: Athenian Brewery S.A.
  • Platinum Level: : DIAGEO Hellas S.A., National Bank of Greece, OTE-COSMOTE, Piraeus Bank, Hellenic Petroleum S.A., Coca Cola 3E
  • Gold level: GEFYRA S.A., NOVARTIS Hellas, GENESIS Pharma, Mamidoil – Jetoil S.A.
  • Silver level: Public Gas Corporation S.A., PepsiCo – Tasty, WIND

Moreover, distinctions have been awarded per level to the companies with the best progress (Best Progress Award) , as compared to their last year’s evaluation. Also, for the first time, the CR Institute decided to reward the company with the best performance among those participated in CR Index 2013 (Best New Entry Award):

  • Best progress PLATINUM Αward: DIAGEO Hellas S.A.
  • Best Progress GOLD Award: GENESIS Pharma
  • Best progress SILVER Award: Public Gas Corporation S.A.

Furthermore, companies with the best performance in each of the four basic pillars of CR INDEX were awarded a special distinction:

  • Society: GEFYRA S.A.
  • Working Environment: PepsiCo – Tasty
  • Environment: Mamidoil – Jetoil S.A.
  • Marketplace: OTECOSMOTE

The honors for the awards were presented by: Evangelos Kalousis, President of Hellenic Food Industries’ Association (SEVT), Dimitri Mavros and Nikos Avlonas, President and Vice President of CR Institute, Lyda Kontogianni, Director General of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCGC), Konstantionos Frouzis, President of the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Federation of Enterprises (SFEE), Giorgos Kavvathas, President of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE), Christophoros Chatzopoulos, President of the Hellenic – French Chamber of Commerce (CCIFH), Nikitas Konstantellos, President of the Greek Association of Chief Executive Officers (ACEO), Manolis Papapolyzos, President of the Association of Hellenic Enterprises of Advertising and Communications (EDEE).

The award ceremony was presented and moderated by Ontin Linardatou, journalist from NERIT (public broadcaster in Greece), who pointed out that the economic crisis has affected the public’s trust against institutions and against companies’ activities. However, the journalist stated that due to the economic crisis, enterprises came to realize that they need to pay attention to societal demands and take into account their customers’ needs.

The President of the CR Institute’s Board, Dimitri Mavros welcomed the participants by highlighting the need for enterprises to engage in CSR: “In light of the current financial situation in Greece, it is of utmost importance for companies to integrate responsible business practices as a part of their core business strategy and everyday operation. This is why the CR Index is more than a necessity as it is the most comprehensive, business-led benchmarking tool in guiding Greek companies to improve their environmental and social performance”.

Maria Lazarimou, CR Instiute’s Board Member, commenting on the CR Institute’s video presenting ways of embedding CSR values into an individual’s personality, added: “The CR Institute comprises the most important institution in terms of evaluating companies’ CSR performance. Responsible practices should be part of a company’s DNA and among business priorities in terms of its governance and operations. Therefore, the CR Institute is not only an institution for the companies but an indispensable part of their philosophy”.

Sponsors for the CR Index 2013 event were Kathimerini newspaper, the SKAI channel and the publisher Direction while the event was supported by PRC Group/The Management House, the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence, Advocate/Burson-Marsteller and ICAP Group.

For further information contact Sofia Anagnostopoulou by mail or at +30 210 6931018.

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