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HR Japan collaborate with Thai Ministry of Education and the Japanese Embassy

Posted: Thursday 22 December 16, 12.43pm GMT

HR Japan (previously HR) present in Tokyo, Kumamoto and Bangkok, is doing an excellent job on Human Resources with their MEXT Japan certified project developed for Thai Universities.

Only 14 projects have been certified as MEXT Japan,and this is the only project run by a NPO holding this certificate. HR Japan, with the help of the Thai Ministry of Education and the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, carry out Japanese Business Workshops for Thai nationwide university students and provide them with WEB training. After doing the course, students have the opportunity to be linked with Japanese companies that are developing activities in Thailand to help them gain employment in these businesses.

In addition, employees working at the headquarters of the Japanese companies, travel to Thailand to work on Problem-based learning cases (PBL) with Thai university students.

The full cost of the programme is funded by the companies taking part on the project and these funds will also be used to support the university costs of students without resources.

Even though the unemployment rate is low in Thailand; only 1.20% of the labour force was without work in October 2016, the unemployment rate among young people is much higher reaching 5.50% of youngsters in the same period. This program is focused on young people and is helping them to achieve the knowledge necessary to enter the workforce in a sector that holds opportunities for them in the future.

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