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PROhumana joins for the 4th consecutive year Give & Gain Day

Posted: Tuesday 7 June 16, 2.13pm GMT

PROhumana organised Give & Gain Day for the 4th time this year on the 4th May. This year’s initiative included a Clean-up day with Corporación Cultiva, a member of the PROhumana Network. The activity aimed to recollect and recycle rubbish in the Colorado Hill in Renca, as well as to protect the vegetation and to avoid potential forest fires, in this hill that work as a green lung for the community and the whole Metropolitan region.

Raising awareness is one of the main keys to achieve the transformations required to fight a problem so internationally relevant as Climate Change, and without any doubt, to create hope that the world will be a better place for new generations today, and in the future, where the environment is being taken care of and valued.

This year they took part in a “green” initiative organised by Corporación Cultiva, in which representatives from the PROhumana Network of companies such as Falabella Retail, Grupo CAP and Tresmontes Lucchetti participated.

The initiative was sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and included participation from the Regional Secretaries of Environment in the Metropolitan Region, the National Forest Corporation, the Renca Municipality, the Laura Vicuña Foundation, Triciclos, the neighbouring community, and a great number of students from the schools Liceo Industrial Benjamín Dávila, Colegio San Joaquín and Colegio Roquer. The group was also joined by: Ricardo Barasain, Head of Communications Grupo CAP; Margarita Lackington, Responsible for Sustainability Grupo CAP; Javiera Sepúlveda, Project Manager Tresmontes Lucchetti; Claudia Marcoleta, Meneber of the Environmenal team Falabella Retail; Florencia Burgos, Director of Innovation PROhumana; Amanda Näslund, Communications Assistant PROhumana; y Valentina Estay, Consulting and Investigations Assistant PROhumana.

More than 100 volunteers gathered during the day over 4 hours of work which led to, more than 551 kilos of rubbish collected, of which 175 kilos were recyclable materials. All the recyclables were dropped off at a mobile recycling station by Triciclos, which had been teaching the children in the local community about recycling, and the importance of correctly identifying different materials in advance.

For the Executive Director of Corporación Cultiva, Elena Robledo, these campaigns “are fundamental to prevent the bush fires that occur each year in the hills. The girls and boys are an inspiration, as their participation contribute to solve this environmental problem and making themselves promoters of development in their own community”.

Furthermore, Florencia Burgos, Director of Innovation at PROhumana, explained that “for our organisation and the PROhumana Network it is fundamental to take part in these collaborative and global activities and thanks to BITC, we have experienced a great positive impact when people work together. A view that we share with the companies of the PROhumana Network, and it makes us proud to continue working with strength to generate a Corporate Sustainable culture and a Human Sustainable Development in Chile”.
At the end the day finished with the words of the Regional Secretary of Environment in the Metropolitan Region, Jorge Canals, who emphasised that “we have a duty and commitment to the new generations regarding environmental education. It is not enough to perform isolated action like the one we have today, we need these activities to be a part of the day to day life, with the families and the communities”.

We would like to once again thank the PROhumana Network´s companies who participated in this activity, and our partner Give & Gain Day for inviting us to be a part of this global movement, that since 2008 has been uniting volunteers all over the world to give life to this important International Volunteer Programme, that last year managed to gather 36 countries, 31,522 volunteers and 554 communities.

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