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Pro Vobis and VOLUM create Win Win in Romania

Posted: Friday 22 July 11, 11.47am GMT

Within the context of 2011, The European Year of Volunteering, Pro Vobis (National Resource Center for Volunteering) and VOLUM (Federation of Organizations Supporting the Development of Volunteering) have initiated a national programme aimed at supporting the volunteer movement in Romania, namely the Fund for Volunteering.

Through this initiative, Pro Vobis and VOLUM wish to create a sustainable mechanism for collaboration between volunteer organizations and companies interested in supporting volunteer programs, both financially and by employee volunteering.

The Win-Win Program was developed following a series of consultations with a number of companies which have expressed their interest in the field of volunteering. In more specific terms, the Fund for Volunteering has been publicly launched under the name of the “Win – Win Program” due to our belief that this program will set the basis for a long term relation based on the mutual benefits of all the stakeholders involved.

The program has put together a bank of volunteering projects, a space where the interested companies can search for projects which match their vision for community involvement and are implemented in the areas where their employees can also get involved as volunteers. The projects bank offers the possibility to search for volunteering projects in order to “adopt” them.

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