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Not-for-profit merger gives Business Class programme a national boost in Australia

Posted: Monday 6 June 16, 2.22pm GMT

A recent merger between the Australian Business Community Network (ABCN) and Schools Connect Australia (SCA) has enabled the national roll-out of Business in the Community's Business Class programme in Australia

While Business Class has operated with great success in the UK for many years, the programme is still relatively new in Australia, and up until now, has only been accessible in the state of Victoria. By merging with ABCN – an organisation that already runs mentoring and scholarship programmes for disadvantaged students in almost 200 schools across Australia and has an established business membership base – Business Class now has the potential to expand more efficiently, especially at a national level. The programme has already been integrated into ABCN’s existing suite of mentoring and partnership programmes, significantly increasing reach and impact.

Most recently, a Business Class cluster initiated by John Laing Australia has been established in Perth, Western Australia. It is a fitting relationship given the history of John Laing in the UK, who have been involved with Business Class since its inception. All four businesses involved have already been partnered with schools.

ABCN member companies have long-valued the extraordinary work of principals and teachers in disadvantaged schools, and this is demonstrated by year-on-year increasing membership and involvement from our member companies. The inclusion of Business Class as part of ABCN´s core-programme offers positions ABCN well for another decade of successful partnerships between high-needs schools and corporate Australia.

For more information about ABCN and Business Class in Australia, click here.


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