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The launching of a new study on CSR: Sustainability and Call Centers in Latin America

Posted: Monday 10 October 11, 2.12pm GMT

Forum Empresa Network launched an unprecedented study on sustainability and Call Centers in Latin America, whose main findings indicate that best business practices include traditional aspects such as continuous and tailored training and multiple career advancement opportunities.

The study also shows some new issues such us best practice techniques for enhancing employee empowerment that include encouraging staff input into work schedules, consultations over performance metrics, team building, corporate volunteering and community work.

• One of the main conclusions of the research is that Multinationals are a key factor in the effective implementation of best practices in sustainability in the Call Centers in Latin America.

• The study was conducted from an extensive review of academic and business updated literature and the application of a specially designed survey for this research, which was applied to a group of companies in Latin America.

Researchers say that multinationals have an important role to play in encouraging and ensuring that these solutions and best practices are effectively implemented in the Call Centers.

Powerful CSR programs that are well integrated with companies’ purchasing practices can drive solutions to many supply chain sustainability challenges

There are varying degrees of multinationals’ involvement in managing their Call Centers supply chains, with wider variations found in supply chains that involve outsourced Call Center operations. Multinationals should include their code of conduct language in contractual agreements with suppliers, train suppliers on their standards, and conduct social audits to ensure that standards are implemented.

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