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New guide provides roadmap to better corporate culture

Posted: Monday 8 January 18, 2.00pm GMT

Ethics Centre has launched “Managing Culture – A Good Practice Guide”, a new paper produced in conjunction with the Institute for Internal Auditors – Australia (IIA-A), Governance Institute of Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand.

During the launch a panel discussion facilitated by Executive Director Dr Simon Longstaff, invited ASIC Commissioner John Price, Regnan CEO Pauline Vamos and ASX Corporate Governance Council chair Elizabeth Johnstone to speak.

Speaking at the launch, Simon Longstaff said “This is an important piece of work which brings together years of research by some of Australia’s most knowledgeable people and organisations working in the field of ethics and risk culture. It is a practical guidebook for leaders in any industry, and we’re proud to have been involved in the creation of such a valuable resource.”

Research has shown that companies that have a good culture perform better than companies that do not. The Guide outlines how each group in an organisation can contribute to a good culture, the first step of which is to create an ethical framework that provides guidance on decisions and an appropriate ‘tone from the top’.

It also argues that the role of boards is to determine the purpose, values and principles of the company, that the CEO and senior management have the responsibility for implementing the desired culture and that personnel in human resources, ethics, compliance and risk functions all have a role to play in embedding values and ethics.

Read the full article here and download the guide.

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