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New free online tool for measuring results and impact of Corporate Volunteering

Posted: Monday 12 December 11, 10.49am GMT

The tool measures the impact on all stakeholders: companies, workers, NGO and beneficiaries of the programs.

The executive director of Forum Empresa Yanina Kowszyk and the Regional Secretary for the Family and Solidarity of the Generalitat Valenciana, Gotzone Mora, launched today in Madrid the first “Performance Measurement Tool of Impacts of Corporate Volunteering Programs “ which is free, accessible from the Internet and takes into account all stakeholders that are involved on a specific project.

Corporate Volunteering is a business tool that allows companies to gain benefits at various levels: in terms of reputation, improvement of working environment, relationship with their environment, and so on. So far it did not have a free and accessible tool that would allow executives to measure the impact and outcomes of the programs carried out.

It was developed in collaboration with Forum Empresa, a network of 18 member countries of the Americas, from Canada to Argentina, which articulates and strengthens the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Executive Director, Yanina Kowszyk, bases the value of the tool presented today on the grounds that “the private sector need to know what is the impact of corporate volunteering programs, both within the company and among its workers, collaborating institutions and the community. It is necessary to have an instrument to evaluate the programs and allow us to recognize how the stakeholders are seeing their growth and impact. This will enable companies to improve the transparency and specially, corporate volunteer activities, by identifying perceptions’ gaps. “

Meanwhile, Miriam Filella, head of Human Resources Organization of ENDESA, states that “in order to give a new impetus to corporate volunteer programs of ENDESA, it is essential to be able to show their actual results. There is no doubt that there are good intentions and a laudable efforts behind this growing number of initiatives. But for reasons of accountability, transparency and, above all, effectiveness, we are required to measure in rigorous and objective manner the relationship between these efforts and their positive impacts on society. Only then will we be able to dedicate to this task more and better resources. “

The tool offers private reports to companies by filling out a very simple form. In addition the tool will collect information that will develop country-level statistics, economic activity and area of intervention data. It was made by Fundar and Forum Empresa, with the support of ENDESA.

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