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New book: Cranfield on Corporate Sustainability

Posted: Friday 27 July 12, 1.43pm GMT

New from Cranfield School of Management, their first-ever cross-disciplinary book is now published by Greenleaf. It is a manifesto and a toolkit for a holistic, embedded approach to corporate sustainability involving the whole organisation.

Edited by David Grayson and Nadine Exter at the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, this book advocates the need for sustainability to become embedded throughout an organisation’s DNA. It recognises that many managers in traditional departments have little or no knowledge of what corporate sustainability means to their day-to-day roles. Conversely, many corporate sustainability practitioners find themselves isolated from core business issues. This book bridges this gap.

With contributions from about 30 Cranfield faculty and associates across multiple management disciplines, the book emphasises a cross-discipline approach when confronting sustainability dilemmas and opportunities. Cranfield of Corporate Sustainability was launched by Greenleaf Publishing on 2 July and is now available online.

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