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Minister of Finance meets top executives of Club

Posted: Tuesday 28 February 12, 4.39pm GMT

The Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad hosts its Annual General Assembly

Madrid – Spain, February 2012 – Top executives of the twenty-two Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad partners met on Wednesday for the Annual General Assembly of the institution to analyze the activities of 2011 and to delineate the strategic lines for this year.

As well, it had been defined the followings subject matters to address the future projects: responsible procurement, environmentally responsible consumption, diversity management, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, corporate responsibility in SMEs, ICT impact on sustainability and corporate volunteering.

Specifically, it will be launched the Spain 20.20: ICT and Sustainability Report which analyzes the economic, social and environmental impact of implementing the information and communication technologies including a series of recommendations for promoting public policies and for and its incorporation into the business strategy. Also it will be released the study about Environmentally Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development 2012 and the Guide about Cultural Diversity in 21st Century Enterprise.

At the same time, they had been analyzed the labors of each Club commission: the Environmental Commission, the Human Resources Responsible Management Commission, the ICT and Sustainability Commission, the Corporate Governance Commission and the Corporate Reputation and Responsible Communication Commission.

As every year, they will be hosted the ninth edition of the Corporate Responsibility for Companies Top Level Executives Forum and the second edition of the Responsible Human Resources Management International Conference, scheduled for 8 and 9 March in Barcelona and where it will be awarded the best practice of HR management.

Regarding training, they will be launched two new courses about the development of Corporate Responsibility Master Plans and Corporate Reputation Management in Madrid, and will be celebrated the second edition of the seminar about the development of code of conducts and the Sustainability Reporting according to GRI Guidelines Training, which will continue in Madrid and Barcelona and also extends to Bilbao, Valencia, Sevilla and Baleares.

At the end of the General Assembly, the Minister of Finance and Public Administration in Spain, Cristóbal Montoro, closed the meeting.

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