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Meeting of Executive Directors of IntegraRSE and members of the Board of Directors of FUNDAHRSE

Posted: Thursday 7 April 16, 7.57am GMT

The first meeting of the Board of Directors of FUNDAHRSE and the Executive Directors of IntegraRSE, the seven member organisations of the Central American and Caribbean Network for Social Responsibility, was held on 3rd March in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The purpose of the meeting was to learn how each organisation has advanced in the integration of the IntegraRSE’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020, evaluate alternatives of fundraising to achieve the economic sustainability of the IntegraRSE and discuss details of the Regional Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (Convertirse) which will be held in San Pedro Sula this year on July 28th.

The presidents of three of IntegraRSE’s member organisations attended the meeting: Yusuf Amdani, President of FUNDAHRSE (Honduras); Elena María Lacayo de Alfaro, President of Fundemás (El Salvador) and Álvaro Enrique Ruiz, President of Centrarse (Guatemala).

The executive directors present were: José Roberto Leiva of FUNDAHRSE (Honduras), Teresa de Alfaro of Sumarse (Panamá), Manfred Kopper of Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (AED) (Costa Rica), María Alicia Urbaneja of Ecored (República Dominicana), Haydée de Trigueros of Fundemas (El Salvador), Matthias Dietrich of Unirse (Nicaragua) and Juan Pablo Morataya of Centrarse (Guatemala).

IntegraRSE is an alliance of organisations promoting Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Central America and the Caribbean that seeks to promote in the business community of the region a permanent CSR culture.

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