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Learning how to create entrepreneurship among students

Posted: Friday 6 July 12, 12.53pm GMT

Source: FUNDES International newsletter, July 2012

Through the Pan American Energy 2012 Initiative, FUNDES is promoting entrepreneurship among secondary school students in Argentina with “Aprender a emprender” programme.

Pan American Energy logo

Pan American Energy logo

The main goal of this initiative is to provide students with a variety of personal and social skills that will enable them to work responsibly, creatively and efficiently in successful businesses. The project has been developed for students in their final year of secondary school.

Developed in 2006, this programme seeks to encourage employment of young people, reducing barriers and enhancing their education and self-employment potential.

To inform this programme, changes in the local and regional economies were analysed. The “Aprender a emprender” programme aims to promote a new work culture in schoolsand and a new vision of entrepreneurs as the engine of the economy and job-creation.

Fundes is a CSR360 partner and has been promoting the competitive development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America for 26 years.

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