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Launch of the 2009 Responsible Business in Poland Report

Posted: Wednesday 31 March 10, 8.45am GMT

Responsible Business Forum has published the 8th "Responsible Business in Poland - Good practices” Report. This year 110 good practices were chosen from the following areas: workplace, marketplace, society, natural environment, management and reporting. Experts’ statements and comments, analysis and summary of last year’s events, research results, press and publications overview are an integral part of the Report.

This year’s edition of the Report coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Responsible Business Forum (RBF) – it is also the 10th anniversary of the beginning of CSR promotion in Poland. For this reason, Forum is planning a series of jubilee events for this year, launched by the Report. 10 years is a good time to think about what companies and organizations promoting CSR have been able to achieve, and to discuss about challenges for the next decadeMirella Panek-Owsiańska, President of the Responsible Business Forum has stressed out in the introduction.

In the “Responsible business in Poland 2009 – Good practices” Report there are 110 inspiring examples of the application of responsible principles in all areas of business activity. This year’s edition also features analysis of last year’s chosen research results and a description of regional initiatives on CSR. We were trying, just like we did before, for the Report to represent a compendium of knowledge about everything that happened last year in Poland in relation to responsible businessMirella Panek-Owsiańska wrote.

As the Report shows, the interest of media in corporate social responsibility is rising: 1500 articles regarding corporate social responsibility and sustainable development were published in 2009, which is almost twice as many compared to last year. There is also a significant rise of articles on corporate social responsibility in local and trade press.

Good practices

A core element of the “Responsible business in Poland – Good practices” Report are good practices on corporate social responsibility. This year Responsible Business Forum has chosen 110 initiatives from over 170 sent, which were the most interesting or most representative examples of activities presented by 85 companies. Most practices – 37 – are in the area of “Business versus society”. 30 initiatives are in the area of “Business versus marketplace” (15 of those are described collectively as voluntary work), 20 practices are activities for natural environment, another 20 practices are in the area of “Business versus marketplace”, and 3 practices are in the area “Management and reporting” – an area differentiated for the first time since the Report in 2004.

Main conclusions from the thematic areas:

Workplace – Most good practices in this area regard voluntary work which points to a rise in popularity of this kind of action. Many initiatives have focused on facilitating employees – parents keeping work-life balance, including employees in management processes, and responding to bottom-up employee initiatives, activities related to organizational culture and business ethics. Many educational programs for employees were related mainly to health and safety.

Marketplace – A number of initiatives from this area has significantly risen in relation to previous years. Companies have introduced activities that are of new quality (responsible investing, fair trade), activities related to education and market development, activities addressed to business partners (supply chain management) and consumers (especially those with special needs).

Society – Every year this area is the most represented one. Most initiatives were related to widely understood community investment, health and safety, and education. The objective of many practices was to provide equal opportunities.

Natural environment – The number of good practices in this area is still at relatively high level. Very popular last year were projects of eco-office combined with educational campaigns for employees, and also ecological education for other stakeholders. There were also many projects related to the reduction of GHG emissions and waste management.

Management and reporting – Three companies have last year presented social reports prepared according to GRI methodology (G3).

The “Responsible business in Poland 2009 – Good practices” Report in is available online in Polish at www.odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl. A summary of the Report in English is available in the CSR360 Library.

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