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Launch of online portal on “Business, Conflict & Peace” at the United Nations in Geneva

Posted: Thursday 10 June 10, 1.42pm GMT

The non-profit Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has launched the first global information hub on “Business, Conflict & Peace”.

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre tracks the human rights impacts (positive & negative) of 5000 companies in over 180 countries. Photo: Jascha Hoste

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre tracks the human rights impacts (positive & negative) of 5000 companies in over 180 countries. Photo: Jascha Hoste

The portal’s content comes from many sources: NGOs and humanitarian organizations, International Committee of the Red Cross, governments, journalists, academics, and companies themselves. The portal has a news section, updated round the clock.

Chris Avery, Director of the Resource Centre, said:

We are giving this subject priority because it is in conflict zones where abuses are most severe, where the risk of complicity is greatest, and where victims are the most vulnerable. We created this portal to bring together in one place all the best information about how companies are impacting human rights (positively or negatively) in conflict and post-conflict zones – and to provide guidance on how to avoid abuses.

Mauricio Lazala, Resource Centre Senior Researcher, emphasised that this portal potentially covers all companies in all sectors:

As one would expect, the portal contains the latest news and reports about private military and security firms in Afghanistan and Iraq, extractive firms in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and jewellery firms sourcing from Burma.

But nearly every major company is either operating in a conflict zone itself, or its supply chain extends to zones of conflict. For example, the portal also covers car and mobile phone companies sourcing “conflict minerals” from DRC, biofuel firms displacing communities in Colombia, airline carriers engaged in illegal arms trade, oil firms accused of exacerbating conflict in Nigeria, and companies in Colombia, Nepal and Sri Lanka contributing to peacebuilding initiatives.

The portal’s aim is to give practical assistance to:

  • NGOs: by highlighting their concerns & initiatives; providing information to help their research and campaigning
  • companies: by providing guidance tools; examples of good and bad practice
  • governments: information to help them protect against abuses by business; examples of government initiatives
  • media: information about under-the-radar cases and issues they may want to investigate
  • investors and consumers: information to guide their decisions

If you have questions about the portals please contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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