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Launch of new series: Hot Topics in Corporate Responsibility, from the Doughty Centre

Posted: Tuesday 15 June 10, 8.05am GMT

The Doughty Centre is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication series which will periodically share topical issues being raised and debated in academia, among business or government. The purpose is to generate debate on an topic, with an initial presentation from a specialist.

Our first issue questions if the dominant ‘Western’ economic paradigm of the last 30 years is flawed. Can we now say that our dominant economic model – first developed by Adam Smith – is no longer relevant, after witnessing a ‘blind adherence to theoretical principles that has prevented common sense observation of what was actually happening’? The author, Chris Marsden, states that ‘We should reject the idea that free markets can lead to perfect stable outcomes and we should reject the idea that government intervention could ever help the system achieve it either.’ ‘In fact, what we have experienced is huge wealth creation for the few, large wealth destruction for the many. ‘

To view please download from www.doughtycentre.info ‘Whats new’

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