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Latest Sedex briefing shines a spotlight on sustainability supply chain mega trends

Posted: Wednesday 1 October 14, 12.39pm GMT

The latest Sedex Responsible Sourcing Insights briefing explores the global momentum that is changing the role and expectations of businesses and includes insight and wisdom from sustainability thought leaders on the future trends businesses may expect.

No one can predict for certain what the future holds, however, widely accepted global research tells us that sustainability is not a passing trend. Population growth, climate change, escalating resource scarcity, increasing governmental intervention and regulation and expanding consumer pressures are among the sustainability mega trends which are impacting global supply chains now and set to increase in the future, highlighted in our latest Sedex briefing Future Supply Chain.

Read more about some of the key global trends and development drivers set to affect the future of supply chains, including case studies from various stakeholders and recommendations from leading experts on how businesses can meet future challenges, in the latest Sedex briefing.

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Usha Manojkanth

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