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Join BSCI’s “Working Conditions in South India’s Textile Industry” free webcast

Posted: Tuesday 15 July 14, 8.11am GMT

On Tuesday July 22th BSCI will organise a free webcast called “Working Conditions in South India’s Textile Industry”. This forthcoming live webcast will explore challenges and solutions to improve working conditions in South India’s textile industry. As the textile industry’s fourth largest sourcing market, India remains very much on the agenda for many companies. However, the particular characteristics of labour issues in South India require a targeted approach.

In BSCI’s coming webcast, they will touch upon some of the core issues, including forced labour and Sumangali and present the new Rights & Responsibilities (R&R) programme to assist factory managers in improving workplace conditions. The R&R programme combines specifically development films with introductory workshops for factory managers and in-factory coaching measures to create tangible improvements on the factory floor. The programme has been running successfully since 2012 and BSCI Participants can enroll their suppliers in the program at any point in time.

The webcast will cover:

  • BSCI’s engagement in India.
  • Presentation of the Rights & Responsibilities Film Program.
  • Info on the approach of the R & R program and how to enroll suppliers.
  • Experiences on the challenges and successes using the R&R program from the perspective of s.Oliver.

The speakers list will feature:

  • Vera Galarza-Heinrichs: Sustainability Consultant, s.Oliver.
  • Bimal Arora: CEO, Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) India.
  • Divya Jyoti: Director of Programs, Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) India.
  • David Weiss: Stakeholder Relations Officer, BSCI.

In order to join the webcast, please register here and receive the access details a few days before.

For more information, contact David Weiss, Stakeholder Relations Officer.

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