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IARSE hosts the International Conference “10 years Committed to Sustainability”

Posted: Monday 11 June 12, 8.35am GMT

Source: IARSE Press Release, May 2012

“Everything about CSR” took place during the third edition of the IARSE 2012 International Conference “10 years Committed to Sustainability”. The event that was organised by the Argentine Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (IARSE) on May 29th and 30th at the NH City and Tower Hotels in Buenos Aires, provided participants with the opportunity to listen to 25 outstanding speakers who addressed the current situation and the advances made in sustainability-oriented management in place in their organisations.

IARSE logo

IARSE logo

The main objective of this event, which has acquired recognition and has now an important role in the national CSR agenda for Argentina, was facilitating the best of settings for the sharing of the latest news and advances in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility Management (CSR), from the standpoint of the main executives of the companies, of experts and academic people in Argentina, Latin America and the region.

Participants and speakers

500 participants were able appreciate the view of the CEOs of important automotive companies in a panel that had the participation of Isela Constantini, President and Executive Director of General Motors in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay; Dominique Maciet, President and General Director of Renault Argentina; and Roland Zey, President of Mercedes-Benz Argentina.

Other of the panels that created great expectations among those who were present, was the ethic debate that took place under the name: “Addressing the demand for greater transparency – Dialogue management and compliance”. We had the opportunity of listening to Pyter Stradioto, Security & Compliance Manager of Henkel for the Latin American region, to Gabriela López Cremaschi, Corporate Legal Counsel for South América, General Electric Argentina, and to Claudia Maskin, Regional Compliance Officer Siemens S.A. (Argentina).

Also, the vision of Directors in relation to Sustainability moved up in hierarchy due to the participation of Marcelo Siano, General Manager of Consumer Products Argentina, Marketing and South Subsidiaries of the Arcor Group (Argentina) and the participation of Daniel Fernandez, President of Carrefour (Argentina).

The contribution of specialists and academics in the 2012 International Conference was present in the social issues thanks to Agustín Salvia, Leader Research of the Programme of the Social Debt in Argentina of the Catholic University of Córdoba – Social Debt Observatory (Argentina), and Carina Lupica – Executive Director and Academic of the Maternity Observatory Foudation, Bernardo Kosacoff, outstanding economist with a long carrer in Cepal and current coordinator of the Economy Area and Law of FONCyT, MINCyt. He provided the current economic scenario analysis. Edgar López Pimentel, General Director of Expok (Mexico), and Guillermo Caro, founder of the International Network of Advertising Agents Without Borders (Argentina), talked about the challenges involved in CSR communication.

We had the support of Ricardo Villela, Quality Manager of Edasa (Coca Cola); Silvia D´Agostino from the Business Council of Entre Rios; Agustín del Castillo, CSR Leader of Patagonia Bank; Patricia Debeljuh, Researcher and Director of the Family and Business Conciliation Centre of IAE Business School; Beatriz Balián, Research Vice-chancellor of the UCA; Enrique Valiente Noailles, President of the CIPEC; and Germán Castellanos, from IARSE, acting as outstanding moderators of each of the above mentioned panels.

Also, during the Conference the latest IARSE publications were presented. They are the result of a programme of collective construction of knowledge by using a cloud platform that IBM has made available to our institution. These publications, that deal with key issues in the social responsibility management, can be downloaded here.

With a very positive result, the third edition of the IARSE International Conference, that took place while IARSE was celebrating its first 10 years, was positioned as an remarkable event that fulfilled the promise of being a real celebration for CSR.

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